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  • Walk-in Cold Room have a temperature range from 2oC to 8oC and are frequently used to store samples at cool temperatures. Heat sensitive biological samples, cosmetics, food samples which are temperature sensitive need such type of cold rooms.


Room Size (WxDxH) (In feet) 6'x5'x6' 6'x6'x6' 6'x7'x7' 8'x7'x7' 8'x8'x7' 10'x8'x7'
GROSS CAPACITY 5000 Ltrs 6000 Ltrs 8000 Ltrs 10000 Ltrs 12000 Ltrs 15000 Ltrs
Temp. Range 2oC to 8oC
Controller Microprocessor Based Controller
Temp. Display Digital LED
Construction Pre-fabricated panels made of stainless steel /PCGI sheet or combination
Walls & Ceiling Area Room shall consist of Polyurethane Insulated thick panels of PUF. The individual panels will be firmly locked together by cam locks. The material shall be inner side SS sheet outer side PCGI sheet.
Door Made out of 100mm thick PUF insulated panels cladded inner side SS sheet outer side PCGI sheet, complete with all accessories like locks and hinges (1 No. door with hinges and locks will be provided) as overlap Type.
Floor Floor consist of Polyurethane Insulated 80-100 mm thick panels of PUF. The individual panels will be firmly locked together by cam locks. Inner side of the floor panel of aluminium chequered plate.
Flashing Flashing made of PCGI sheet base U channel, inner and outer flashing.
Insulation Polyurethane foam thick insulation with a thickness of 80-100 mm
Racks/Shelves (Option) Stainless Steel / Aluminium racks as per customer requirement.
Lighting (Viewing) Interior fluorescent lighting
Refrigeration Dependable refrigeration system with CFC free refrigerants
Compressor Heavy duty Air-cooled compressor. The compressor in distinguished by its excellent performance, low noise level and minimal vibration.
Refrigerant Non-CFC/HCFC environmental friendly based on compressor capacity
Power Supply 220 volts, 50 Hz or 440 Volts 3 phase supply