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  • Highly recommended for exhaust of toxic gases, acidic/alkaline fumes, chemical vapors, removable of odour etc from the hood working area.
  • Very useful for products and personal protection, reducing odour levels in laboratories and protect costly lab equipments.
  • Complete exhaust motor blower assembly generated a negative pressure inside the hood thus facilitating removal of all contaminants from the works area, into the atmosphere.
  • Main cabinet/body is fabricated out of wooden board, laminated with high quality laminates from outside.
  • Work table is made of Stainless Steel (SS-304) and is fitted with a small S.S. sink with water tap connections.
  • The front door moves vertically up and down with concealed counter balanced weight.
  • The unit is fitted with fluorescent light and a gas cock for gas/air supply.
  • The front facing panel is fitted with 15/5 Amp socket with switched for exhaust system and fluorescent light.
  • To work on 220 / 230 volts A.C. Supply.


Model #SAI-3(SM) #SAI-4(SM) #SAI-5(SM) #SAI-6(SM)
Internal Dimensions (WXDXH) (mm) 900x600x600mm 1200x600x600mm 1500x600x600mm 1800x600x600mm
MOC Wooden
MOC (Inner walls) (OPTION) Laminated with high quality wooden laminate or lined with Stainless Steel (OPTION)

Extra Large Model #SAI-3(SL) #SAI-4(SL) #SAI-5(SL) #SAI-6(SL)
Internal Dimensions (WXDXH) (mm) 900x750x900mm 1200x750x900mm 1500x750x900mm 1800x750x900mm
MOC Wooden
MOC (Work Area Table) Stainless Steel (SS-304)
MOC (Inner walls) (OPTION) Laminated with high quality wooden laminate or lined with Stainless Steel (OPTION)


a) Mounting base below work table with storage space
b) SS- Lining on Work Walls
c) FRP Lining on Work Walls
d) Fume Duct -PVC per running feet
e) Acid Resistant Tiles on Work Top
f) Apparatus Holding Grid to hold samples/glasswares etc.