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    Most useful where high temperature curing is required with maximum temperature upto 1450°C and working temperature range upto 1400°C. Fitted with Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-controller. Silicon-carbide heating elements are fitted for uniform temperature inside the chamber. Body mounted on a heavy M.S. frame covered with CRC Sheet duly powder coated. Fitted with chamber made of CUMILAG tiles exhibit unique combination of chemical, mechanical stability and insulating properties. These are suitable for applications at high service temperatures. Bubble alumina range of insulating refractories are of light weight, have good load bearing capacity, and low heat capacity. These can be directly exposed to flame, and combustion products. Our furnaces have some very Unique Features :

  • Very high refractoriness, structural strength.
  • Low thermal conductivity, shrinkage and creep.
  • High resistance to reducing atmosphere and Uniform pore size.
  • Distribution and Control through a phase angle control THYRIOSTORISED POWER DRIVE with Soft Start in lieu of Manual Control System, and a multitap solid state step down transformer.


    MODEL #SAI-253
    HEATING CHAMBER (WXHXD) 150mmx150mmx300mm
    THYRISTON POWER DRIVE Phase Angle control Thyristor Power drive. Along with voltage/current control and limit facility.
    TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER CUM INDICATOR Microprocessor Digital PID Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller
    Profile Digital Microcontroller having 2 PROGRAMMES each of 8 steps (total 16 steps of ramp/soak profile), for soft start to heaters which prolongs/enhances heater life.
    TEMPERATURE RANGE 14500C Maximum, Working Upto 14000C
    THERMOCOUPLE Input Sensor:- Pt.Pt./Rh 30% Type "B" with Recrystalized alumina sheath & connecting holder complete set.
    THERMAL INSULATION SUPER REFRACTORY and FIBROUS CERAMIC of appropriate grade and low heat capacity.
    CONSTRUCTION (Floor Model Type) Rugged body; height of the door from the floor is approx 4.5 feet with steel stand. Swing aside door, manually operated front side of the furnace.
    COOLING FAN/AIR CIRCULATION Attached with Furnace, Provided inside the control unit to protect COSTLY COMPONENT
    ELECTRIC SUPPLY Input Supply 230V AC, 50Hz


  • Spare Silicon Carbide Heating rod.
  • Spare Clip to hold heating rod.